1989 - 2007

No More Distracted Driving!

The intent of Hang Up - Save a Life is to provide information and education on the dangers of distracted driving.  Consider how many times you personally used or witnessed someone driving while using a cell phone, whether it be talking, looking up a number, or text messages.  This seemingly innocent act has caused countless accidents and fatalities. 

Using a cell phone while driving increases your chance of getting into a crash by 400%. When dialing a phone number or engaging in intense conversation, you're not watching the road like you should. A "hands-free" apparatus is helpful, but they can't prevent you from becoming involved in a conversation and losing concentration. Your best defense is to pull off the road and stop in a safe place before using your phone.

According to the 2002 National Survey of Distracted and Drowsy Driving Attitudes and Behavior "approximately one in four (26%) drivers report involvement in a motor vehicle crash in the past five years. One tenth of one percent (0.1%) of all drivers (0.5% of drivers who use a cell phone while driving) attribute a crash they've had to cell phone use. This equates to an estimated 292,000 drivers who report involvement in a crash they attribute to cell phone use in the past five years."

A distracted driver, who was using his cell phone and ran through a stop light, killed Lauren Elizabeth Mulkey on March 18, 2007. Only 17 years of age, her life ended too soon. Lauren was an accomplished scholar, athlete, and artist. Because of this tragedy, we dedicate this site to the memories of her and all other distracted driving victims.

Please join our campaign and make a personal commitment to prevent distracted driving.